16 Apr 2020

Jupiter Coyote Resurrection

Sifting through various video projects, Jupiter Coyote’s 2004 “Jammin At The Jammer” DVD boiled up from the cauldron of media files.  Back story goes like this… A friend of mine introduced me to Jupiter Coyote music while working on a wiring project. Soon, I had a couple of their CDs in my car CD changer, listening to them regularly. They had a big, southern progressive rock sound that was clean, with great lyrics. The following summer, Jupiter Coyote came out […]

16 Apr 2020

Oz Project

My thanks to the Gullixson Realty Group for posting this YouTube Video. This Smart Home project was both difficult and rewarding. Lasting about two years, it was a major undertaking. Since the build was mostly concrete, wires and cables had to be run inside conduits which were embedded into the concrete forms. No room for error, as all conduits had only a limited space, and all conduits were completely full. In this job, we had…   Dedicated Home Theater with […]

16 Apr 2020

Remembering CC Sabathia’s Project

As I was going over content for the blog, the new website has options for YouTube posts. This here is the MTV video feature of the CC Sabathia home, after completing an extensive install, including full-blown home theater, lighting, pool/spa, shades, security, and overall bling. The episode is paired with another celebrity, so forward the video to 14:00 (14 minutes to those who are technically challenged).   Feel free to post your comments

28 Mar 2020

Hello world!

This is the very first post for Sight And Sounds.