Homepage: Celebrating 30 Years Of Integration

Smart Home Systems

Designing, installing, programming, and servicing of Smart Home Systems, including audio-video, lighting, HVAC, pool & spa, gates, landscaping, phones, and network with the goal of simplicity and ease-of-use from one singe, ergonomic interface

Product Specification

Specifying proper components to integrate all of the various residential subsystems - modern integration systems should be pleasing to the eye and subtle to the senses.

Proper Network Architecture

Creating robust network infrastructure - technology is now fully digital, so the network must be strong and stable. The network is the foundation upon which the smart home infrastructure is built.

Remote System Monitoring

Practicing the implementation of remote system monitoring - a customer's system should have remote monitoring capabilities, so problems can be assessed and troubleshooted without a technician on-site. Remote monitoring includes power status, network status, and live connection diagrams of integrated components.


Ensuring systems continue to work. With thirty-years of integration experience, comprehensive systems upkeep and prompt response times is key.