Control4 - Complete Smart Home Control

"This was one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my home."
Ervin, Control4 Homeowner

Your Control4 home is powered by a system controller - the brain of your home. Then, by using a Control4 interface, like a handheld remote, a wall keypad, or touch screen, you can conveniently connect to wired and wireless devices, allowing you to adjust the thermostat, start music throughout the house, close the shades or garage door, or perform many of these actions in unison.

From a full smart lighting line to audio equipment, thermostats, cameras, speakers and beyond, Control4 has developed products that enhance your security, comfort, convenience, and entertainment at home.

Much like electricity, plumbing, and heating and cooling, a complete smart home is not a DIY project. With individual “smart” products that are added to your home, the more complexity you will introduce if they simply don’t talk or listen to one another. In order to get a seamless, fully integrated smart home system, you’ll want to hire an experienced and well-trained installer.

Building Your Control4 System

1) View Control4

Client consultations split between meeting at the Burlingame showroom/office (adjacent the freeway near Broadway/Rollins Road) or meeting at your location. You can acquaint yourself with the several types of user interfaces, such as IPad/IPhone/Ipod navigators, hand-held remotes, and keypads, along with subsystem control options - audio and video, lighting dimmers/switches/panels, security system, surveillance cameras, HVAC control, motorized shades, deadbolts and other items. This helps to determine what you implement for your home, making you aware of options and costs.

2) Create a Specification

Once the depth of control is determined, a detailed specification is created, including itemized component and installation labor costs. Depending on project, customers can often see up-front what the budget will be for their requirements prior to installation.

3) Installation and Programming

Sight And Sounds has been a Control4 dealer from the beginning. Having worked with may subsystems over the years, experience is key to a well-executed installation.

4) Service

Control4 certified and Licensed Security Company, you have the peace-of-mind knowing an established, credentialed company will serve your needs after install, such as security monitoring services, remote system monitoring, system check-ups, and other benefits. 

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