Smart Home's Neural System - Security

Smart Security Basics

A security system should provide a matrix of sensors and devices around your home to keep you safe. Elk Security Products have been Control4 partners for many years. Rest assured, when you press the "arm" button on your IPhone, the Elk security system arms as you leave the house. You receive feedback data showing the system is in armed state with an exit count down. Elk security systems have been performing this important task for Sight And Sounds customers year-after-year.

Armed and Away Smart "States"

The control system communicates with the security system, so when the security system is armed, the control system can engage a specific "state" to modify any subsystem's behavior. For example, many homes have the control system set the thermostat to an away setting when the security system is activated. Other customers opt to include varied lighting scenes with televisions active, programmed with a random schedule offsets, to make the house lived-in while the homeowners are away on vacation.

Smart Security Elements

Since the elements of a security system are tied into the smart home, sensors and devices can be utilized to provide a living, breathing home character. For example, the garage car door can activate a lighting scene for the pathway lights to engage while you bring the groceries inside. Other actions could include spooling up a favorite Pandora station in the living room and setting the lights to a calm level. 

Smart Lock Integration

Kwikset, Baldwin, and Yale door locks all communicate with Control4, so locking and unlocking the front or side door can activate or de-activate the security system. The Control4 system can also send you alerts that a specific door code was used to enter the home. If you are away when the house cleaners arrive, you get an alert. When the kids come home from practice, you get an alert.


Luma Security Cameras are also part of the Control4 environment. If you are away from the house, access various cameras around the house via IPhone, IPad, or Android with Control4 or the Luma Surveillance app. Having performed many surveillance camera installs, the best designs have cameras mounted on posts at the property borders, looking at the house and grounds. This application provides a clean-looking image grid of the house and grounds. Sometimes, cameras are well-suited on the house itself or mounted in the driveway gate opener keypad controller. Whatever the need, from large 80-camera projects like TMS Storage in Dallas, Texas, or a simple 4-camera install at your home, Luma is the right choice.