Showroom Office

The Office

A Showplace

Most customer interaction takes place in the field, but sometime it is necessary to experience a dedicated Home Theater. The showroom offers a large projection system, Dolby Atmos 3-D surround, and active loudspeaker system. Lighting, HVAC, Security, Locks, Communication, and Surveillance are also integrated into three separate rooms, which also behave as distributed audio zones.

Control Capabilities


Living spaces should be "smart." The goal is to incorporate as many subsystems as possible onto a single, ergonomic user interface. Having been in the smart home business for several decades, Sight And Sounds represents affordable, reliable, and practical products that elevate simple homes into unique living environments. This goal is achieved by implementing highest-quality standards and practices.

  • Audio/Video - Home Theater, one room systems, or sophisticated multi-room distribution
  • Lighting - retrofit or panelized lighting systems with offsite control and scheduling
  • Security - view status, arm & disarm via phone/tablet whether at home or away
  • Surveillance - camera options that look great, record activity, and provide unlimited access
  • Door Locks - keypad systems with remote capability and codes for parent, child, and worker access
  • HVAC - thermostat control, placing comfort in the palm of your hand with energy savings
  • Pool & Spa - simplified temperature control and energy savings with scheduled functionality
  • Shade And Drape - automated systems that increase energy efficiency while beautifying your home
  • Landscape Irrigation - toss away your clunky timers and control watering times with ease
  • Door Stations - communicate with the front gate and allow entry with confidence