Don't Overlook Shades

The Shade Game Changer - QMotion

QMotion sets a new standard in motorized shades. QMotion shades are "counter-balanced," so as the shade moves down, the counterbalance increases and allows the shade to raise with less effort. The result is an ingeniously smooth motion design, requiring very little power to drive shades up and down.

Flexible Installation OptionsĀ 

Because the counter-balanced drive mechanism is so efficient, QMotion shades can run on normal D-Cell batteries. Battery life is often well over a year, and replacement is easy. Where wiring is possible for constant power, QMotion has wired non-battery shades that allow for full functionality on small wire sizes, like standard network wires. Powered shade systems are commonly wired with category-5 wire to a simple plug-and-play QMotion QIS Power Center via crimp-on network jacks. The result is a clean and easy install without the need for heavy-gage shade wiring.

Eco-Friendly And Smart

QMotion shades draw such little power, you can raise and lower shades with little energy waste. Go for it - raise the shades all the way up in the morning - bring all the wonderful light into your home, then have the shades partially close during the day, provide cooling shade, then fully raise again in the early evening to show all the night sky. QMotion integrates fully with Control4, allowing shades to work in-concert with scheduled smart lighting and security system armed/disarmed states.

Style Options

With varied materials, shades also provide an element of style. From simple sheerweaves, to patterns, to linens, to wickers, there is likely a shade material capable of providing the perfect touch to a living space.

Now You Can Say "Yes" to Smart Shades

Shades are the most often overlooked, yet they are of the most critical elements in a smart home system. With QMotion wired and wireless shade solutions, there is little reason to say "no" to electronic shades.