Controlled Lighting Is Smart

Modern lighting systems allow for mobile phones and tablets to quickly and easily change light settings, whether at home or away. Controlled lighting systems offer a myriad of other benefits, such as aesthetics, scheduling, keypad control and audio-video integration. Since many Control4 lighting products are designed for retro-fit, you can transform your home into a palace without having to tear down walls.


Lighting can transform a simple space into a sublime setting. Much like theater, lighting can accentuate room locations and highlight architectural lines to create emotion. Art washes can make paintings "pop." LED strip lights in theater soffits can create a beautiful halo effect onto the ceiling, and toe kick strips can add true luxury to an otherwise average bathroom. Where a single dimmer could simply light up a series of ceiling cans, why not break up the canopy and have several lighting dimmers, rather than just one? At $180 per-dimmer, you could have artistic, multi-load accented room, with art spots, wall washes, sconces, and chandeliers. Smart dimmers allow for room scenes, so simple on and off functionality can coincide with sophisticated multi-load room lighting scenes. Control4 offers a simple means for customers to build their own lighting scenes with or without dealer intervention.


Many smart home customers seldom press lighting dimmers or switches. Instead, the system tracks sunrise and sunset. Lights stealthfully dim up as the sun goes down. With landscape and exterior lighting, no more clunky dial-driven timers that lose settings with power outages. Instead, the control system maintains accuracy and also compensates for daylight savings time. On and off can be set for different days of the week, so lights can be used as a suggestion for your family's homework time, dinner time, and sleep/wake times. Control4 has a very functional lighting control agent, allowing for quick and broad lighting scene creation. Since customers can create their own custom scenes on their own via Control4 app, scenes can be associated with pre-defined daily actions.

Keypad Control

Configurable keypads in a multitude of colors and finishes allow for one-touch control. Since smart homes often include several subsystems, customers control more than just the lights with strategically-located keypads throughout the house, controlling the lights on one button, controlling the music volume on another button, and controlling the shades on yet another button. Keypads allow for expansive home control, while reducing wall clutter, resulting in a cleaner environment.