About Cliff Roepke

About Cliff Roepke

Designer, Developer & Traveller

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I've been fascinated with photography and music for my entire life. As a child, I saw my uncle looking down into a viewfinder camera and was amazed at how the lens image lingered above the glass plate, like a ghost. He saw my interest, and when I was older, he would often toss the Nikon camera to me and have me take photos while on vacation. He and my father brought us cousins to watch the film Grand Prix. The Saul Bass montages with Maurice Jarre soundtrack drew my young mind into a realm of sight and sound that were awe-inspiring.

From that point, I have always had an interest in perusing both sight and sounds, together, where the Gestalten sum of the whole is greater than its parts.


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Always working with image and sound, my goal is to tap into the what created elevated emotional responses from combining pictures with music.

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