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We Are Sight And Sounds

Audio-Video, Lighting, HVAC, Pool & Spa, Security, Access, and Landscape Control from one singe, ergonomic system... We focus on integration with simplicity for all of these.

Modern integration sytems should be pleasing to the eye and subtle to the senses. We design, specify, sell, install, and service--we provide every build element, including manufacturer's dealership, so our clients can enjoy technology with confidence, while our dedication to quality and support provides years of enjoyment.

Completed jobs with satisfied clients define our industry. Specialist technology companies come and go with the flux of economic times. The survivors focus on the fundamentals of quality, design, and service.

We have offices in both Northern and Southern California, and we are certified dealers for many manufacturers.

Sight And Sounds has two websites. Our Flash-based website is for higher speeds or systems not designed to view modern flash content. We provide a standard HTML website for regular browsers. Each button on the left will open a new browser in its own format.

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