Media Content Servers

Over the years, our installations have included more and more flat panel, high-definition displays. Additionally, we have seen a large demand for home networks, including products and services that store pictures, music, and other related media. Enter the Media Server. This is the next generation of Audio/Video products, and it will revolutionize the way media is stored and used throughout your home.

Media Server technology is the future of entertainment and communication.

Movies: It is now possible to view your collection, browse, and instantly access titles and cover art from a simple onscreen display. Picture quality is running at the highest-possible resolution, and the onboard digital surround card ensures the highest-quality multi-channel decoding possible. In fact, the Media Server rivals expensive high-end players, since it contains the latest graphics display and surround processors. Because the Media Server is built as a standard server platform, upgrading internal cards is possible. How many esoteric DVD players allow for uniform upgradeability like that? Since the Media Server runs at data-grade high-resolution video levels, new High-Definition media files, such as Windows Media 10 can be recorded and viewed through the system, offering unparalleled visual performance and the ultimate in future-proof compatibility.

Music: In addition to movies, the Media Server has the ability to store CDs, MP-3s, and other audio formats, such as multi-channel DVD Audio. Music files are stored and accessed through a very simple and well-organized library. Since the Media Server is an integral part of the Audio/Video system, your music collection is accessible throughout the house via keypads and touchpanels. Entertaining guests is simply a matter of searching favorite titles or selecting genres to fit your mood. Scroll through your alphabetized library and instantly play music. No waiting for mechanisms to load discs, the Media Server plays instantaneously.

Photos: Tired of burning you digital photographs onto CDs? Every time you want to show off pictures, you have to crowd around the computer screen. In other words, your digital pictures rarely get seen.  The Media Server solves this by making your family room flat-panel display your window to the world. With its high-definition output capability, your friends and family will be amazed at the size and clarity of images shown on your flat-panel display. How about the entertainment value of turning your flat-panel into an ever-changing art piece? Your best photographs of sunsets and vistas can be filed and played as a rotating series of images. If a friend takes a liking to a photograph, you can save them a copy or email the image on-the-spot.

Versatility: The real benefit of the Media Server is in how it is designed to sit on an existing network. Several Media Servers can be chained together to share content throughout the house. One Media Server can stream content to another over the network. This means that family members can have their own private media libraries while sharing from more public files on a common server. The breadth of the system is limited only to the size and scope of the network itself.

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